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About Us

CongraJEWlations.com was founded to make it easy for the English speaking diaspora to send gifts inside of Israel.

When our expat friends and ourselves were getting married and having children in Israel we each realized there was a need for a robust gift registry/ gift shop to let our friends and family abroad “participate” in our Simchas.

People who couldn’t make it to our celebrations asked where we were registered and the only available sites of this nature were in Hebrew or very limited. Those who did come either had to schlep a gift overseas or pick something up in Israel during their precious short time here. We received lovely gifts that we could not use or had more than one of because they were sent from stores overseas which we could not exchange.  

Inspired by Josh Ben-David’s (a friend) brilliant idea, we decided to open CongraJEWlations and offer the opportunity to give in Israel to English (and soon French) speaking friends and family. We want to put the JOY back in to giving and for that reason we offer

  • English speaking customer service
  • Highest quality merchandise sourced from the best vendors. 
  • Giving to Israeli Charities
  • Services such as baby sitting, food (home cooked or otherwise) or cleaning to a friend or loved one.
  • An excellent exchange policy which allows switching between items on the site.
  • A wide range of prices and items
  • Chipin options (allowing multiple friends to pitch in and buys something together)

We are just getting started, our inventory is always growing and evolving,  we love to hear from our customers about what they are looking for on the site.

CongraJEWlations profits mostly from adertising and does not add any cost (other than shipping) to the merchandise there by offering the same prices that are available in stores/online.

CongraJEWlations donates 10% of all of its profits to the charities hosted on the site.

We welcome any comments, ideas for improvement and thoughts about how you think we can improve our service and site.  CONTACT US at [email protected]